UBIQUITI Product ROCKET AC Lite -Model-R5AC-LITE Pair Price In Bangladesh

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In firmware version 7.1.1 we removed the Wireless Mode (PTP/PTMP) limitations per product, which limited the Rocket 5AC-PtP’s wireless mode to [Station – PtP or Access Point – PtP] and the Rocket 5AC-PtMP’s wireless mode to a single option: Access Point – PtMP. As well as other airMax AC devices such as NanoBeam 5AC and PowerBeam 5AC to work in all wireless modes but Access Point – PtMp.


Now, since 7.1.1, all four wireless modes are available for any airMax AC products, but probably many of you still think: is there a real difference among those 3 Rocket 5AC models?


The short answer is yes.  First, let’s talk about the Lite version, which is an ideal product for medium or long-distance links in low or moderate-interference environments that need a reliable connection able to pass high throughput, but keeping budget as short as possible. However, the Lite version doesn’t come with airPrism, which is our revolutionary dynamic filter that significantly improves Signal-to-Noise ratio, and radio sensitivity when there is high adjacent-channel interference.


The Rocket 5AC-PtP and Rocket 5AC-PtMP come with airPrism technology, which make possible to get higher data rates under high adjacent-channel interference compared to any other WiFi-based radio. Ok I understand the benefits of the airPrism technology, but what is the difference between those two models if both have airPrism?   In order to answer this question, first we need to know what are the available channel widths on each wireless mode:


  • Point-to-MultiPoint systems, which usually use sector antennas with wider beamwidth in the Access Point, and therefore more susceptible to interference, can operate only in 10, 20, 30 or 40MHz channels.
  • Point-to-Point systems, which in most cases use very directive antennas less susceptible to interference, can operate in 10,20,30,40,50,60 or 80MHz channels.


The Rocket 5AC-PtMP radios that were originally designed to work only in Point-to-Multipoint mode, and have an airPrism filter specifically tuned to 10, 20, 30 and 40MHz channel widths, so they won’t perform as well using wider channels (50, 60 or 80MHz) as using narrower channels.


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