Time Attendants Machine Price In Bangladesh

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Let this Realand A-C0712.4″Colorful Screen Enegy-saving Smart Sensor ID/IC Fingerprint Attendance Machine make attendance asystem more convenient. It dopts the most advanced international fingerprint algorithm to ensure its stable and excellent performance. With latest technology, the identification ability of injury finger, hulled fingerprint is enhanced observably. It features high-grade power management function to achieve low power consumption. In addition, once your fingerprint is registered in a machine, you can share it through USB flash disk without connecting computer. Adopting RIMS management system, it is easy and direct to operate. It supports ID card, IC card and fingerprint attendance. How practical it is!


  • Adopt most advanced international fingerprint algorithm
  • Adopt smart sensors energy-saving fingerprint reader
  • Smart learning and updating functions of fingerprint
  • Once registered, the fingerprint is available in lifetime
  • 2.4″ TFT colorful screen for directly and apparently operation
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Support USB flash disk download
  • Adopt USB and TCP/IP communication
  • Support fingerprint, password and ID card attendance
  • 1500pcs fingerprints, 1500 ID card and 100,000 attendance record capacity


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